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Decorative Fountains

Fountains range in size from table top features to systems complete with in-ground reservoirs. Spillway bowls, container gardens, and bubbling urns add the sound of water, attract birds and other wildlife and provide the opportunity to add some aquatic plants to the yard. These features can stand alone indoors, on a deck, or in the yard using the aquascape basin. If you already have an existing pond, upgrade it with the addition of a pond spitter, endless bowl or vase. We proudly serve the greater Madison area as a Certified Aquascape Contractor.


Basalt Column FountainToday, the choices of decorative fountains are endless including formal fountains, custom drilled rock, basalt columns, and bubbling urns or go big and call us for your custom pond or pondless waterfall today.

fountains and decorative water features

The Aquascape basin is available in three sizes and takes the guesswork out of fountain installations. They provide easy access to your pump and allow for handcrafted natural stone to be placed right on top.



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