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Permeable Pavers

Permeable paver design and installation requires a far greater understanding of aggregates, infiltration and release rates than typical projects. Greenscapes has the staff and experience to complete your permeable paver project hassle free. View Unilock permeable paver options here. 


Unilock Permeable Pavers

Unilock Permeable Pavers

As development increases pervious surfaces are decreased. This removal of vegetation and natural infiltration points has created more runoff and increased the likelihood of flooding. Historically, large amounts of rainwater were stored in detention systems. These systems wouldn’t be necessary, at least not for such large volume storage, if we allowed a portion of that rainwater to infiltrate rather than flow away from the surfaces we construct. Permeable paving doesn’t just reduce flooding, it also increases groundwater recharge by allowing what falls in a given area to recharge locally rather than directing the water to another area. The further rainwater is directed, the greater the risk of a back up or failure of the storm water system. We measure runoff as a C Value or runoff coefficient. Asphalt, for example, has a C value of .85 meaning that 85% of the water that falls on it runs off. A typical lawn has a C value of .15, a permeable patio has a C value of 0! For more information read Unilock’s Directions in Sustainable Design. Take it a step further and collect the captured water as in the video below.

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