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Brick Driveways

Brick driveways are absolutely the best choice for your driveway when you consider all other paving surface alternatives. From curb appeal, ease and cost of repair, to salt resistance, no other option offers the strength, beauty, and resistance to staining that paving does.


Brick Driveways - Unilock_Eco-Line-Driveway

Unilock Eco-Line Permeable Driveway

Top 10 Reasons Pavers are the Best Driveway Material

  • Maximum Curb Appeal – add instant beauty and value. A recent survey showed that the majority of stamped concrete driveway owners say they would choose an alternative material next time while paver driveway owners stated they would choose the same materials again.
  • Unlimited Design Options – Uniloc alone offers 100 different pavers to choose from. You can easily combine different shapes, colors, patterns and surface textures.
  • Lasting Colors – Color loss of stamped concrete is one of the most common complaints. EduraColor pavers ensure your driveway will stand the test of time.
  • Permeable Options – All Greenscapes brick projects are laid over a permeable base. This means no frost heaving! Take it a step further and choose a permeable paver. Water will infiltrate the driveway and seep into the ground resulting in no ice build-up or run-off.
  • No Spall – Spalling is the shedding of the surface layer revealing the layer below. Natural stone and stamped concrete become patchy and unattractive in time. All Unilock pavers are covered by a fully transferable, lifetime guarantee.
  • No Settling or Cracking – The segmental nature of pavers allows them to move without cracking.  Free draining base materials and the proper use of geogrid and geotextiles prevent heaves and cracks.
  • Low Maintenance – Greenscapes uses NextGel jointing sand to ensure the surface is haze free and weeds do not grow between the pavers. Since Unilock pavers are resistant to deicing products, sealing is purely an aesthetic choice for the homeowner.
  • Walkways, Porches, Steps – Seamlessly integrate your entire front entry from the street all the way to your front door!
  •  Walls, Pillars, Steps, Lighting – Vertical and lighting accents add interest and function to the front yard. Existing elevation changes can not only be addressed, but will integrate into the overall design.
  • A Price for Every Budget – The price is up to you! Stamped concrete is priced by the square foot, this leaves only dimension to control cost. Unilock offers a wide variety of pavers all the way down to the budget friendly classic pavers.


Take a look at some Unilock driveway before and after photos.



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