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Lawn Fertilization

lawn fertilization programGreenscapes will set-up a 5 step lawn fertilization program that is best suited for your lawn care needs.

Our lawn fertilization program uses only dry granular fertilizers that allow for the slow release of nutrients. This allows the fertilizer to get to your turf’s roots and also assists in limiting the use of pesticide sprays. The use of a dry granular also means the application and coverage is more even and accurate. After each application, Greenscapes will blow any fertilizer that falls on hard surfaces back into lawn area to reduce the chance of washing away into our sewers and lakes. It is important to remember that your lawn is still feeding in fall. How it goes into winter will determine how successful spring emergence is. The final application is the most important step. Our staff can assist you in determining how and when your fertilizer should be applied. Factors such as irrigation system use and whether your lawn clippings are bagged or not can alter these recommendations. Dethatching and Aeration are also important factors to consider and have a direct correlation to the effectiveness of your fertilization program.


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