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Lawn aeration is the best kept secret in making your lawn healthy.

Aeration involves making holes (cores) in the lawn by extracting a plug of soil utilizing an aeration machine. In order to establish a healthy lawn we need three things; oxygen, nutrients, and water. The roots must be able to “breathe”, this means allowing oxygen to get to the root system. If you are fertilizing over compacted soil, you may not see the benefits of it as most of the fertilizer is not making to the turf roots. Have you ever attempted to water an old planting pot and watched all of the water pour right off the sides? Try poking through the compacted surface with your finger in several areas and water again. The water can now soak into the soil penetrating deep into the pot. If you were to remove the plant from that same compacted pot you will most likely see the majority of the roots have worked their way binding up the outside of the pot. Both roots and water will always take the path of less resistance if given a choice. When the soil is compacted roots cannot work their way into the soil properly which results in a shallow rooted lawn that is less healthy and less likely to tolerate any form of drought.




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