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Pond Maintenance Request

Complete the information below and a Greenscapes representative will contact you shortly. Maintenance requests are processed as they are received. Our spring and fall schedules book up rapidly, please enter all information as accurately and early as possible. A photo is required for proper pricing. Pricing is completed using the information provided to us and is completed free of charge. If you would like to schedule an on site consultation please indicate this in the notes field. On site Consultation fees are $95 per hour.
  • If you were referred, please provide the name of the business or customer who referred you so we may reward them through our referral program.
  • Upload photos of all areas to be serviced
  • Upload photos of all areas to be serviced
  • Upload photos of all areas to be serviced
  • Initial diagnosis is $395. Simple patching or repairs may be completed at the initial inspection for no additional charge. All other repairs are completed on a time and materials basis.
  • Monthly Pond Maintenance Visits
  • All Greenscapes technicians use caution while netting, temporarily housing and acclimating your fish and other pond life. Fish are netted with Koi quality nets and are stored in the existing pond water. Fish are re-acclimated by slowly cross pumping the fresh, dechlorinated pond water with the tub water. After slowly matching temperature, we make every reasonable effort to bowl the fish into the cleaned pond rather than re-netting. We reserve the right to cancel cleanouts where fish are deemed by any technician of ill health or appear injured. Greenscapes or its technicians cannot be held responsible for any scratches, scuffs, cloudy eyes, awakening parasites, re-injuries, ulcerations, or loss of life. For Seasonal Programs the first payment is due April 1st. Monthly payments are due the 1st of each month April- November.

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