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About Our Water Features

Water Features Certified Aquascape ContractorCertified Aquascape Contractors (CACs)
are the most qualified and informed pond professionals in the water garden industry. As a Professional Level Certified Aquascape Contractor we are not only required to have an extensive existing knowledge of water features, we also must attend continuing education and training classes. We are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Check here for answers to common contractor questions.

  • Training – All CACs are trained and educated 
  • Quality – A CAC’s workmanship must be approved by Aquascape Inc’s own construction crew.
  • Knowledge – A CAC is knowledgeable and trained on all Aquascape Products and have the ability to answer any questions you may have with your pond.
  • Customer Service – CACs must provide outstanding customer service.
  • Dedication – These installers are established, dedicated companies in the Pond Building Profession.
  • Continued Education – Must attend Build-A-Pond days and other pond related seminars through out the year.
  • Team Work – CACs work closely with Aquascape and its distributors to ensure only the highest quality ponds are installed. All CACs must be in good standing with their distributor and Aquascape itself.
  • Review Board- All CAC applicants must pass a review board of peers who review referrals, photos, required essays, and the contractor’s customer service practices. Certified Aquascape Contractors go above and beyond the competition.

Our staff has over 50 years of combined water feature installation experience and participates in continuous educational events.

Water Garden Certified Aquascape Contractor

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