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About Our Pavers

Greenscapes is a member of an elite group of contractors who have earned Authorized Unilock Contractor status. This allows customers to benefit from unparalleled customer service, design and construction practices as well as the Unilock Peace of Mind Guarantee. Our paver installations are completed on an open graded base to meet or exceed industry standards and our entire staff completes industry training annually. For more information on our companies awards and qualifications, see About Us.  Check here for answers to common questions.

Comparing Pavers to Poured Concrete?

As a homeowner, you want to make the best decision possible when choosing your patio, walkway, or driveway material. You will consider cost, aesthetic, and durability among other factors. Poured concrete on average will cost half or less than a paver patio. While stamped concrete will cost more than a simple poured concrete, it will still be considerably cheaper than a project completed with pavers. So why the added cost? Is is worth it?

  • Cost savings are short term on poured concrete. Especially in cold climates with heaving and thawing cycles you can expect to replace your concrete work 4 times or more by the time a correctly installed paver project needs attention. Expect to see cracks and areas that require mudjacking within 2 years of your poured concrete installation. These cracks will continue to develop and will become a greater eyesore over time. In the long run, you actually pay more for poured concrete without the aesthetic benefits of pavers.
  • The aesthetics of a paver project are unrivaled even by stamped concrete. Wet cast pavers are sealed, often impregnated with quartz and hard minerals. The color does not fade or wash away and is resistant to wear and tear. Stamped concrete is the economy version of a paver installation. While it tries to mimic a quality paver installation, the cracks that will soon develop will not follow control joints and unsightly cracks will cross the stamped pattern. Pavers are segmented, there are “control joints” everywhere allowing the pavers to move up and down and settle back into place without needing costly and unsightly repairs. In the event that some repairs are needed, you simply remove some pavers, repair the base and reset the pavers. No mudjacking, crack filler or new concrete pouring is required.

  • The durability of high quality pavers over poured concrete is impressive with psi strength averaging 2.5 times that of poured concrete. Unilock even offers a Lifetime Transferable Guarantee. If you are considering permeable pavers, you can expect an even greater return on your investment as the base does not hold water and is not as subject to freeze and thaw cycles.


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