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Common Landscape Questions

Frequently asked Landscape Questions

Are you fully insured?

We carry a hefty 2 million dollar policy with a tough to match 5 million dollar umbrella.

How long have you been in business?

Greenscapes has served our area for 10 years. Our education, experience and training set us apart. Our staff supervisors have attended Madison College, Gateway Technical College, UW LaCrosse, University of Wisconsin Madison and other colleges for Ornamental Horticulture, Landscape Management, Turf Management, Nursery Production, and Greenhouse Production. With a combined 50 years’ experience between our maintenance and landscape managers alone, you know you are in good hands.

Do you have industry specialists on staff?

We employ top members of the green industry in Wisconsin to service your needs. We provide a top notch training and education program to our entire staff. Unlike most area contractors, our company does not double in size during the summer months due to a heavy reliance on temporary staff. We believe in developing long term, full time, career oriented staff. If we are not confident in any portion of your project, we will never guess or use you as a guinea pig for a new product or process. We work closely with several contractors in our area who are the best of the best in their fields. When issues arise where another opinion or specialist is needed, we bring them on board.

Will you stay on my project until completion?

We do not practice what we call job hopping. Not only will we stay on your project from start to finish, but our projects are scheduled with the correct crew size regardless of how booked out we are. It is a common practice to run crews of 2 or even a single employee during the peak season. The only reason for this practice is so the contractor can say they have started. This can turn your 3 day project into 2 weeks very quickly. Our goal is to minimize the disruption to your life and the lives of your neighbors. Landscape work requires lots of heavy and loud equipment that causes loud noise and creates dust. Our construction crews are 3 or more and mowing crews are scheduled to complete even the largest properties efficiently. Some of our customers tell us our maintenance crews complete in 4 hours what used to take the previous contractor all week. By the time they were finished mowing the property it was already time to start over again!

Can you provide a drawing of your plans?

We can provide overhead and 3D renderings as well as photo overlays to help you conceptualize the project scope.

Where do you buy your plant materials?

All of our plant materials are purchased from local nurseries. We support local business by shopping at knowledgeable area growers with whom many of us have had business relationships for over 25 years. We do not source from big box stores; your plant material will be hardy in our climate and will survive the winter.

Do you have photos and references for some background information on your work?

Today, the best source for this information is Angie’s List and other online rating websites where the business cannot alter the reviews. We maintain a 97% referral rate on Angie’s List and have won numerous customer service awards from them as well as other National and local organizations. Recently, we won the Madison Magazines 2015 Best of Madison Award. Photos of our work are available on media outlets throughout our website. Our staff also carries photo books of our work. References can be provided upon request from past clients, non-profit organizations, manufacturers, and local suppliers.

What industry affiliations do you have?

Greenscapes is an active member of the business community. We offer discounted services to many area non-profits. We are an Authorized Unilock Contractor, a Certified BP Sealant Applicator, A Certified Aquascape Contractor. We are members of Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce, Oregon Chamber of CommercePLANET, SIMA and other industry organizations.



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